About Us

Mr. Akther Abbas is a Pakistan’s top trainer, author, writer, life coach and a consular. He is called a RELATIONSHIP GURU as because he makes person’s relationship strong and save their broken relationship and also makes new relationships. He gives his services socially. He is a humble and kind person and always thankful to the GOD.

Now a day’s life of a men and women is too difficult that stuck in uncertainty and hurdles. Mr. Akther Abbas meet them one to one or make some personal secession on call and try to solve their issues and make a new life hope to them. This entire he got an institutional status in counseling and life coaching in some years.
Spoiled temperament and attitudes are the two major reasons to demolish families and societies. Mr. Akther Abbas highlighted these common topics in his books, columns and blogs. He has an honor to write collums in Pakistan’s three famous newspapers “Roznama naway waqt”, “Roznama Pakistan” and “Roznama jasarat”. He get Pakistan biggest literary award and also get UBL literary Excellency award. Mr. Akther Abbas make his own special position as an intellectual, writer and columnist in the country.
It is difficult to write for teen agers because this age group is emotional and full of energy and in this age it is difficult to understand any advice. Problems likes and thinking of this age group is different from children and contrary to the elders but in teen age conversation and posts palys an important role to the mentality of a person.
He writes 37 books. In which 15 are for new generation. He is very thankful to the GOD Who gave him these powerful abilities. His books have almost 745000 prints and all has been sold. Now his new book “ Adab Zindagi kay” is not only famous in youth also liked by the parents. This book has almost 110000 prints. This book is also taught in the institute of syed Ali gelani in Azad Jamu and Kashmir by the permission of author. Another institute in Islamabad “helping hand” separately prints this book and divides them to the whole country. May famous schools also taught this book. His three major fictions “Phata Hua Dodh”, “Marsha” and “Khamoshi peachy Shoor” have got remarkable fame. “Dil Pa Dasak” is also his best book. For the traning of students and teachers his book “Wining Line Par Kon Pohnchta Hay” has an unusual popularity. His books for children’s have names “Thank You ALLAH MIAN”, “Aqal Kahan say aie”, “Bahany Baz”, “Autograph”, “Teen goal”, “Harnota”, “Kamsin Mujahid”, “Sarwar ki Naiki”, “Namukamal Dua”, “Foxi Pahli Bat hi Bhool Gai”, “Do anso”, “HikamtBhari Kahanian”, “Dragaun ki vapsi”, “Gaalati k bad”, “Mitho”, “Kano ko lagy hath”, “Asman say gira”, “Bay awaz lathi”, “Himat vala kamando”.
Mr. Akther Abbas has done MPA from Punjab University after that he did specialization in HR from NUST. He give their services to “National Digest”, “Hamqadam Digest” as a editor. He is a famous HR trainer and consultant of the country. He is a senior member of public service commission and HR forum Lahore.
He is a chief inspiring officer of honorable company High potential ideas. He knew as professional trainer and also a motivational speaker. He is also a professional trainer of students and teacher. He is a chief trainer and consultant of EHSAS two years training programme. His Book’s series on personality building are printed and divided by the government of Kashmir. “Allah gi ko mera salam kehna”, “Bay niyazi ma lutnay ka dard” both are his favorite books. “ 6 adaten jo apko qabil e rushk banaen”, “ ^ maharaten jo apko kamiyabi dilaven” and “ 6 khobiyan jo apko qabil e ruskh bnaen” are the basic books if self-help series. In the next few days his 3 books “carier counseling”, “kitab harny nahi deti” and “6 values jo apko qabil e qadar bnaen” are going to publish. His books can be purchased through ISLAMIC PUBLISHERS. +924234252501 and +923214942120ss